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The program is aimed at improving brain cognitive abilities. Using the program you can train your ability to memorize, store and reproduce visual (textual) information.

The special feature of the program is the possibility to stimulate the brain areas responsible for cognitive abilities by using the specially selected sounds.

You are offered to take a test in the form of a game "Remember the words" (how to use). Each test consists of 3 series. In each series you have to remember 16 words and reproduce them in 30 seconds. After that you can see the percentage of the words you’ve remembered in the "Statistics" tab of the main program window.

The simple game of memorizing words itself helps to improve your memory. However, in order to find out how effective sound stimulation is, you'd better have to redo the test after 5-10 sessions of listening to stimulating sounds. It is better to do the test at the same time of the day in a quiet environment, preferably in the morning or after a nap.

If you want, send the Report about your memory training and stimulation. This help us to make this program better!

The program uses the library AChartEngine. We also thank for the translation of Anna smarty3d(

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