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If once you’ve thought: "Well, I’d like to improve my memory but I want to waste neither my time doing some special tasks nor money buying special medicines or appliances", we have something to offer you.

About the Technology
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You are offered the memory and memorization stimulation technology for both short- and long-term memory stimulation. It’s not a secret that these particular characteristics define the person’s cognitive abilities level and are highly estimated by the modern information community.

You need only a mobile device: a smartphone or a tablet with Android 4 or higher.

This technology is a stimulation by listening to the specially selected sounds ("listening session") that activate the brain areas responsible for cognitive abilities.

Moreover you don’t have to set some special conditions, you can go by public transport, listen to music, watch TV, read, do sport and so on.

The Technology Research

The result of the two-year research showed that the memory improving percentage depends on:

  • your personal abilities;
  • your age;
  • CNS state at the time of listening stimulation.

To see more detailed research results, click here.

How can I try the memory stimulation?

You can install the demo version of the program "Memory+" by downloading it from Google Play Market, to see if the technology is worth trying.

For seaching program in Google Play Market just type "brain cognitive abilities" in search string.

You should have 10 listening sessions. After that you can appreciate the technology effect for yourself comparing your initial results with those shown after the listening sessions.


We’d like to conclude that a good memory isn’t only your ability to memorize the information you get, but also an important part of both your health and prosperity.